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Osceola Organic Farm is a profitable farm that grows and cultivates produce  on 10 acres zoned agriculture. We are certified by Quality Certification Services and are inspected by them annually.  We are one of the oldest certified organic farms in Florida. We have been featured in all medias over the last twenty years including newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and documentaries. We have name brand recognition and our name and products are on many menus in local restaurants.  Osceola Organic Farm's  facebook page and website is very active which keeps our customers informed of what is happening on the farm


Our farm has worked with many different groups over the last twenty  years to promote organic, sustainable and locally grown food. We have worked  with Florida Organic Growers opening our farm with onsite tours and presentations  educating  other farmers how to grow and market organic crops. We started the Chef/ Farmers Summit over ten years ago, which is an annual event that brings local chefs and farmers together to promote locally grown food. This year we were one of the host farms for the Indian River Farm Tour which raised money for a local charity. These activities have generated thousands of people to visit Osceola Organic Farm to see how organic food is grown.

Osceola Organic Farm has been involved in helping our community feed the hungry. We have been donating  food to Our Father's Soup Kitchen in Gifford  on a weekly basis for over twenty years. We also donate food to St. Helen's Food Pantry and Shinning Light Gardens in Vero Beach that feed families that are homeless and hungry. We also donate foods to individuals and groups when asked for assistance.  This community's interest and  activity helps promote our business knowing we are helping people who are in need.  We are truly blessed by God to be in this position. 

Osceola Organic Farm

Osceola Organic Farm is located 12 miles west of the  Atlantic Ocean and three miles east of I-95. We purchased and started growing on our farm in 1994 . The farm has been  certified organic since 1996 Our business has grown every year and we cannot keep up with demand. We pride ourselves with the highest quality produce  that can be grown organically and marketed locally. Growing food organically is how God intended food to be grown for people to eat and enjoy.

Our farm has  three main markets we focus on. Restaurants, on farm retail store and a local farmers market. We sell most  of produce locally within a 45 mile radius in Indian River County.  Some of the local restaurants and private clubs we market to include  Ocean Grill, John's Island, Orchid Island, Osceola Bistro, The Mooring's Club, The Tides, Quail Valley, Citrus Grill and Vero Beach Hotel to name a few.  We have a personal relationship with most of our chefs and speak to them on a daily basis. The chefs also come to our farm with their staff to see what is growing. Our on farm retail store is quite active and we sell out at the Oceanside Farmers' Market on Saturday morning in Vero Beach.