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We  purchased  our property in 1994 , it was an old homestead with a ten acre grapefruit grove. We removed all the old grapefruit trees and left the ten 1300 feet beds and drainage swales intact so our growing beds would not flood and have good drainage.  The grove was abandoned for a few years before we purchased it and because of this status we applied for transitional organic and received our organic certification in 1996. The farm is separated into two sections.  the front section is approximately seven and a half acres This front section has ten , 1000 x26 foot beds for growing produce and crops with our retail building and three  greenhouses. The back two and a half acres has approximately 150 citrus trees, a few avocado, papaya, banana and one mango tree. This back area also has a carport for the tractor, a supply shed, a storage lean to and a solid cement hurricane bunker 600 square feet. We have two eighty foot wells that are two inches is diameter with  one and a half hp electric pumps  that irrigate our crops. We use county water as wash water for harvested crops.  There is an eight foot by twelve foot walk-in cooler that most of  harvested crops are stored until sold.

Our growing season is approximately eight months , late September through May.  Our growing season coincides with our tourist's season in Vero Beach which is our busy season also. Our main crops are gourmet size lettuce, edible flowers and micro greens. We also grow tomatoes, kale chard. spinach, strawberries, peppers, eggplant, sunflower shoots and assorted herbs. We start all our plants from  certified organic seeds and grow approximately a half million seedling, micros and shoots a season. We transplant up to ten thousand seedling a week. We harvest and deliver six days a week during our busy season.  We cannot keep up with our demand . We have plenty of  room to expand and our market is unlimited.


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